Rober problem
Contributor:  INdAM-Bari Test Set group
Discipline:  chemical kinetics
Accession:  2003

Short description:

The Rober problem consists of a stiff system of 3 nonlinear ordinary differential equations describing the kinetics of an autocatalytic reaction given by Robertson (1966). The large difference among the reaction rate constants is the reason for stiffness. As is typical for problems arising in chemical kinetics this special system has a small very quick initial transient. This phase is followed by a very smooth variation of the components where a large stepsize would be appropriate for a numerical method. A complete description of the problem could be found in rober.pdf

Applicable solvers:

all the solvers supported by the Test Set.

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Work precision diagrams

work precision diagram work precision diagram

Plots of the solution

plot of the solution
plot of the solution
plot of the solution

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