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Authors:   J. J. Boisvert, P.H. Muir, R. J. Spiteri 
language:  Fortran 90
problem type:  SPBVP, BVPs

official link:


Short description:

The code is based  Mono-Implicit Runge-Kutta methods with defect control both for mesh selection and accuracy control. Its is possible to  choose both the error control and the stopping criterium.


How to perform tests:

The file report.f contains a user interface.

Once you have obtained all the fortran files,  in the directory tests you can run 

make PROBLEM=problem SOLVER=bvp_m2

where problem is one of the problem of this testset. This will yield the executable "dotest" that solves the problem, of which the Fortran routines are in the file problem.f.