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Authors:  U. Ascher, J. Chrisiansen and R.D. Russell
language:  Fortran 77
problem type:  SPBVP, BVPs

official link:


Short description:

The code is based on the approximation of the solution of the differential equation by a piecewise polynomial with collocation at Gauss points. The  release of the code available here is not equal to the original code, but has been changed in order to work in R. This explain why we have added R at the end of the name.


How to perform tests:

The file report.f contains a user interface.

Once you have obtained all the fortran files,  in the directory tests you can run 

make PROBLEM=problem SOLVER=colsysR

where problem is one of the problem of this testset. This will yield the executable "dotest" that solves the problem, of which the Fortran routines are in the file problem.f.