Author:  T.J. Abdulla and J. Cash
language:  Fortran 77
problem type:  ODEs, DAEs and IDEs of index less than or equal to 3
official link:

Short description:

The code MEBDFI is an extension of MEBDFDAE for the solution of implicit differential equations and uses the Modified Extended Backward Differentiation Formulas of Cash, that increase the absolute stability regions of the classical BDFs. These methods are A-stable up to the order 4 and stiffly stable for orders up to 9. The orders of the implemented formulae range from 1 to 8.

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How to perform tests

The file report.f contains a user interface.

Once you have obtained all the fortran files, then compiling

f77 -o dotest mebdfid.f problem.f mebdfi.f report.f

will yield the executable "dotest" that solves the problem, of which the Fortran routines are in the file problem.f.

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