Author:  J. Cash
language:  Fortran 77
problem type:  ODEs and DAEs of index less than or equal to 3
official link:

Short description:

The code MEBDFDAE uses the Modified Extended Backward Differentiation Formulas of Cash, that increase the absolute stability regions of the classical BDFs. These methods are A-stable up to the order 4 and stiffly stable for orders up to 9. The orders of the implemented formulae range from 1 to 8.

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How to perform tests

The file report.f contains a user interface.

Once you have obtained all the fortran files, then compiling

f77 -o dotest mebdfd.f problem.f mebdfdae.f report.f

will yield the executable "dotest" that solves the problem, of which the Fortran routines are in the file problem.f.

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